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15 days ago

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I am really wanting to help gain better conversions and get more consistent sales! This week I've had nothing yet last week I had a good week. If you can take a look at my site offer any suggestions or apps that may be useful! I use google ads, insta/ facebook marketing but would also like to grow the organic traffic so as im not wasting all my money on adds! Any help would be much appreciated!


Rc3425 Red chief Men Casual Shoes For Rust Thanks! 

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Dallas Shoes Rust Casual chief Rc3425 Red For Men Shopify Employee
15 days ago
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Hi, Helen. 

This is Dallas from the Social Care Team here at Shopify. I would be more than happy to help you increase your conversion rate. 

First of all, I would like to say that I really like what you have done with your store, it is really nicely set up. The homepage is very captivating and is easy to look at. The fact that you have a 'Contact Us' page and an 'About Us' page is wonderful. Also, the easy visibility of your Shipping and Return Policies is absolutely stellar.

Rust Casual Rc3425 For Men chief Shoes Red One little thing that I noticed, however, was the main image on the home page. With that image, it looks like you may be selling bathing suits, jewelry or even hair products. Yet, when you scroll down your products don't relate to those categories at all. This could come as quite a shock to some people. I would suggest putting I beautiful photo of a few of your products here instead. Even a picture like the one that you have, but with the girl looking forward and smiling would be ok too since you are selling toothbrushes, that would tie into the smile. 

As far as improving conversion rate, well, first off I think it is really good that you are using Facebook and Instagram ads. However, you will want to make sure that the ads are as specifically targeted as you can possibly make them. For example, it may seem like the best thing would be to advertise to men & woman of all ages. By doing this, though, you will just make the ads too generalized and there will be no way of narrowing it down to the men and women who would actually purchase from you. This blog post here will be able to walk you through all the information to set up the best Facebook ads for your store, but if you want a few tips ahead of time here you go. The main points of Facebook targeting are geared towards Age, Gender, Interest & Location. Rather than a very generalized market like "10-50-year-old Men & Females", try something like "12-25-year-old females" (this is just an example, you will want to come up with your targeting parameters yourself since you know more about your customers and your store's history). This will allow the ads to be shown to a market that will be more open to purchasing your products. 

I saw that you have a Facebook and Instagram connected to your store, and they look wonderful! I was thinking that Pinterest may be another platform that you could consider using. I believe a product like yours would do well there. If you are wondering how Pinterest can really benefit your business I strongly recommend reading over Shoes Laced Quality Leather Dress Genuine Leather Men Shoes Handmade Best wOqnBRnEaS

Since Google is generally the first search tool and review tool that people use I would suggest making sure that is optimized to its full capacity since it is what allows your site to be shown at the top of the google search page. Shoes Up New Italian Design Lace Classical Genuine Leather Men Style Fashion vWwqvrPfR will help you spend your first $100 with Google Ads to start that working for you. 

Another option that would work well for you would be to start to integrate Social Media and Blog influencers. Reach out to some blogs and social profile who you think would write to the same market that you are selling to. Then you can do things like offering them free products or discount products in return for them to post your products on their pages. This will serve you two purposes: the first is that it will advertise to a wider target market and the second is that it will give your potential customers a reason to trust you since they trust who they are following. Reviews are also always good since it gives solid proof that other people like your products enough to get them and use them. Not sure where to find the right Influencers? This list of 6 platforms should help with that.

I hope this helps you to increase your site traffic and conversation rate. If you would like more information I definitely recommend heading over to the Shopify Blog page and reading some of those blog posts related to this topic. You are also welcome to reach out to us at any time since we are here 24/7 to help you out! 


Paul Member
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13 days ago

Helen, I have an app that helps you discover why your customers don't buy. If you want to take a look at it, let me know.

I would post a link here, but I'm not sure it's allowed.

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